Sample Personal Employment Reference Letters

Sample Personal Employment Reference Letters

When you are applying for jobs, most employers will request references at some point during the hiring process. When you are deciding who to use as a reference, your choices will fall into two categories:

  • Professional References – those from people you worked with in a business setting.
  • Personal References – those from people you know from your private life.

Why Have Personal References

While it’s a good idea to have references from people who have worked with you – supervisors, colleagues, and staff – it can be helpful to have some personal references as well.

During the time that I have known Dillon, I have witnessed his ability to lead the group in many fundraising events and field experiences. His organizational skills made it possible for the group to finance a trip to Mexico during winter break, where the students were able to experience first hand the excitement of delving into another culture.

I believe that this young man has the skills and maturity to excel in your organization. If I can answer any further questions, please contact me.


Colin Jones

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