The Top 10 Best Paid Construction Jobs

The Top 10 Best Paid Construction Jobs

If you’re considering a job in construction, there are plenty of opportunities to get hired. The construction industry is among those with high employment projections, calling for ten percent growth and 700,000 new jobs expected by 2024.

Which are the best positions to consider if you want to work construction? The answer depends on your skills, interests and what you want in a job, as well as the job market, but there are some jobs that have higher wages and more potential job openings than other occupations.

  1. Construction Equipment Operator: Construction equipment operators drive the bulldozers and earth movers, they also operate cranes and other heavy equipment used to build roads, bridges, buildings and construction sites. On the job training or vocational school are both paths to getting hired. 2015 Median Pay: $43,810 per year, $21.06 per hour. Projected Growth: 10%
  2. Mason: Masons build walls, walkway, and other structures out of concrete, bricks and other materials. Most masons attend vocational school or complete a vocational training program. 2015 Median Pay: $39,640 per year, $19.06 per hour. Projected Growth: 15%
  3. Insulation Worker: Insulation workers do exactly what the job sounds like. They insulate buildings (commercial and residential) to maintain the temperature. Most workers learn on the job. 2015 Median Pay: $38,630 per year, $18.57 per hour. Projected Growth: 13%

  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer: Solar technology leads the high growth job opportunities list, with many projected job openings. Workers assemble, install or maintain solar panels on roofs or other structures. There are job opportunities for residential and commercial work with most training provided on-the-job. 2015 Median Pay: $37,830 per year, $18.19 per hour. Projected Growth: 24%
  2. Roofer: Roofers install and repair residential and commercial roofs. Most training is on the job, though there are some roofers who complete an apprenticeship program. 2015 Median Pay: $36,720 per year, $17.65 per hour. Projected Growth: 13%

One More High Opportunity Job

Here's one more job that has a lot of projected openings even though the pay isn't the greatest. For someone without a lot of qualifications or time to apprentice or go to school, a labrer or helper job can be a good way to get a start in the construction industry.

  • Construction Labrer and Helper: Most construction occupations have labrers and helpers who assist journeymen workers. These jobs are on the lower end of the wage scale because there are no formal education or training requirements. 2015 Median Pay: $30,890 per year, $14.85 per hour. Projected Growth: 13%

Where to Find Job Listings

For jobs that require training or an apprenticeship, the best way to find programs in your area is to use Google to search for the job you're interested, the terms "apprentice" or "training" and the location where you want to work.

If you're qualified to start right away, or if the job doesn't require experience, is one of the best sites for finding job listings from many different sources. Search by keyword and location to find jobs that are a match for your skills.

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